The Group Circle Concept


Are you a leader in your industry?


If you are, what is your strategy to stay in the lead?


If you are not a leader, how do you solve your most pressing growth issues?


Research confirms that organizations that have strong capabilities in innovation and align those with their strategy enjoy greater competitive advantage.


But innovation is not something that just happens. Just as you need to practice your way to becoming a world-class athlete, you need a coach and a process to becoming a world-class innovator.


But where do you start?

How it Works


Simplify the journey to innovation success with our unique framework. Innovation360 Group® Circles are a proven way of exploring our systematic, evidence-driven approach, to identifying and leveraging your strengths. All resting solidly on peer-reviewed science and the largest database in the world for innovation management. 


Participants explore:

  • Global Innovation Concepts, and the Language of Innovation
  • The Power of Innovation360’s Innovation Management Framework and Tools
  • New Insights on what gets in the way of effective innovation.
  • Details and recommendations on how to sharpen innovation strategies, leadership, culture, and capabilities.
  • Peer insights and discussions

The Session:

Each participant receives a comprehensive report customized to their organization.

After an in-depth lecture covering the critical aspects of successful innovation, participants take a deep dive into their individualized evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations.

Participants are then encouraged to dialogue and share results in round table discussions facilitated by our accredited curators (click here to see our curators). Dialogue includes embedded risks, blockers and performance amplifiers, i.e., potential opportunities. Participants gain inspiration through examples and theories about superior innovation inside organizations.

Why it Works


Innovation is recognized as a key to growth, along with employee and customer engagement.


An Innovation360 Group® Circle session brings together the brightest minds and most talented leaders with insights from the world’s foremost experts in innovation management.







Innovation is a collaborative art. Sustainable change can only arise from a coalition of visionary thinkers, strategic planners, talented practitioners, and fast-acting project managers experienced in execution.

Innovation360 clients succeed where others do not. Our clients use our AI-powered software and global data, coupled with our distinctive methodology to develop actionable recommendations. Further they grow their capabilities and truly understand how to transform their organizations with innovation.

Participating in an Innovation360 Group® Circle offers several other advantages:

Gain Industry Insights

You’ll have access to a rich pool of knowledge and strategies from various industries, enhancing your understanding of innovation practices.

Network and Collaborate

The Circle offers opportunities to network with leaders and professionals from different fields, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.

Grow Personally and Organizationally

Participants gain skills and knowledge that can be applied to your personal career development and the growth of your organization.


Why set up an Innovation360 Group® Circle?


Enhance Your Innovation Strategy and Execution

Enable leaders to improve innovation capabilities, aligning them with global standards and practices.


Get Customized Insights for Improvement to Help Solve Your Most Pressing Growth Challenges

Gain personalized insights and action plans tailored to specific needs, driving effective innovation development.


Network and Collaborate With Like-Minded Executives

Create a platform for engaging with diverse groups from different industries, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing ideas and best practices.

Feedback from past participants:

Abdelghani Zinbi

IT Strategy Manager, ONCF, Morocco

We had colleagues from my organization in other tables, and looking into our reports, we relaize how much we work in silos

Mohamed Amine Anagam

Chef de département Marketing & Communication opérationnelle, TAMWILCOM, Morocco

“Looking at the InnoSurvey® A.I Report, this is exactly how my organization is currently looks like”


Managing Partner, Catalyst Insight Agency, Morocco

“I am very impressed with the methodology and framework, and how the data is giving me insights about my organization in this InnoSurvey® Report”

Who To Call & Other FAQs

Who do I call to find out more about Innovation360 Group® Circles?

To find out more about Innovation360 Group® Circles, please contact one of the curators listed below or our office nearest you.

Have you done many of these events?

We have been offering Innovation360 Group® Circles for many years and have held them all over the world. Events include those held in Australia (Sydney), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Canada (Toronto, Edmonton), France (Paris), Great Britain (London), Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, UAE (Dubai) and USA (Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC). Ask us how you can set up an event for your organization.

When is the next session scheduled?

We are regularly delivering sessions in your region. Please check our Client Events list for more information on an event near you.

Who are the faculty qualified to deliver Innovation360 Group® Circles?
What kind of groups benefits most from these events?
An Innovation360 Group®️ Circle is the preferred format of C-Suites, cross-industry think tanks, non-profit councils, and governmental agencies. It makes an ideal addition to company seminars and offsite annual meetings. This is an ideal format for ambitious entrepreneurial teams on a mission to stand out amongst their peers or disrupt stagnant business models.
Can I sponsor an event?
For example, Innovation360 Group®️ Circles serve as a way for financial, industrial and/or professional service firms in accounting, law and consulting to broaden their profile and reach out to new clients at the same time.
An Innovation360 Group®️ Circle is the perfect alternative to a keynote address or a dialogue about topical issues, like sustainability.
What are the next steps after an event?

Most participants leave the Innovation360 Group®️ Circle with some new ideas, and a strong desire to keep the excitement alive.
Innovation360 Group and our Partners helps organization establish a culture of innovation that nurtures great ideas and sees them through to the successful launch stage. A discussion of these approaches and our toolkit is often a next logical step. Many participants have told us that they found it invaluable for staying one step ahead of turbulent, disruptive markets.
We can also work with teams to bring the Innovation360 Group®️ Circle results to their management team.
We welcome you to get in touch with us for details on customized Innovation360 Group®️ Circle packages and start creating a better future for everyone.

Where do I find out more about Innovation360Group and its tools and frameworks?

The Innovation360 Suite offers a comprehensive range of Innovation Tools, Books, including InnoSurvey® for evaluating innovation capabilities, Transformation360™️ for managing transformation processes, and Sustainnovation360™ for fostering sustainable innovation efforts. These tools are integral for businesses aiming to enhance their innovation strategies and achieve impactful outcomes. For more information about Innovation360 and our tools – CHECK HERE or see a brief VIDEO HERE.


Previous Innovation360 Group® Circle Experiences

Innovation360 Group® Circle Curators

Khaldoun Aboul-Saoud
IMGB, My360 Writer, UAE
Dr. Soo Beng Khoh
Kasia Hein-Peters
IMGB, My360 Writer,
Jose Moreno
Durval Garcia